Getting Involved

Want to volunteer with MFR?

Here are some things you can do to help

Support Power the World

Pledge to support Power the World, and help us spread the word about empowering the planet with access to modern energy:

  • Add a Power the World bulb icon to your avatar on Twitter and Facebook here.
  • Like Power the World on Facebook.
  • Participate in our Share Power the World to Win contest. Go to the Power the World site and click "Share This Site to Win" at the bottom right corner. Enter your email address to get your own unique link to Power the World. Supporters who share and get the most clicks to their unique link will win prizes. Each week the person who gets the most clicks will win their own solar powered light bulb and get a signed copy of Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns CD.  The person with the most unique clicks between December 1, 2011 and March 1, 2012 will win the grand prize: a commemorative Power the World plaque signed by Linkin Park and a Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack, donated by Voltaic Systems.  You can only win the lightbulb and Thousand Suns CD once, but all of your clicks will accumulate towards wining the grand prize. Contest official rules can be found here.

Spread the Word

Follow us on Twitter to get all the latest updates on MFR.  Keep your friends updated about current events and campaigns happening with Music For Relief. Link them to the website so that they can check it out themselves. A great example of something to tweet about is our Power the World campaign.

Become a supporter of the MFR cause on Facebook

Add MFR as a friend on MySpace

Support I Am A Star for Somalia

Music for Relief is now partnered with  I AM A STAR, a campaign dedicated to unifying people around the world in an effort to end the Famine in Somalia.  To help in this campaign, please check out their website.

The website is full of great ideas that can help you get involved at a local level, whether it be a bake sale or a car wash, or even blogging or tweeting about the campaign.

Join the Music for Relief network

Create an account on Start and reply to discussions in forums, write blogs, post your pictures and events, and most importantly, invite friends.

Also, if you see any spam messages or spammers please notify Whitney. Send her an email at


Get your school involved
There are tons of things you can do on campus to support MFR:  

  • Start a drive to collect ink cartridges and cell phones
  • Pass out fliers and tell all your friends, students and teachers about MFR and our programs
  • Set up a booth about MFR in a high traffic area on campus (You may need to contact school administration to make sure this is allowed) 
  • Ask your school paper to run an ad about MFR if they have unsold advertising space (We will create the ad and send to you)
  • If you would like to fundraise on your campus by selling MFR bandanas or collecting donations, please contact Whitney at

Download Fliers and Promote: Spread the word about Music For Relief's disaster fund by downloading and distributing fliers about Music for Relief here


Promote merchandise available online to benefit Music For Relief.  Help spread the word about the Music For Relief logo bandannas, t-shirts and bags that are available online – 100% of proceeds go to Music For Relief to help reach our current goals of helping reduce global warming and providing aid to victims of natural disasters. Use this link to promote our cause on MySpace, Facebook, and other locations online.

Tell your favorite bands about MFR
Ask your favorite band to support MFR by posting on their website and Facebook page.

Recycle used printer ink cartridges and used cell phones and help raise money for MFR in the process
 MFR has begun a campaign with Planet Green to collect and recycle used printer cartridges and cell phones to recycle and raise money for disaster relief. If you would like to help by collecting these items at your home, school or office then please send an email with your full name and mailing address (where you want the materials to go) to and indicate in the email that you want to recycle used cell phones and ink cartridges for MFR. MFR will send you a box to collect used cell phones and ink cartridges, when the box is full (at least 20 phones or cartridges), send it back using the pre-paid postage label and MFR will receive a donation.

Include the MFR code (1975) on the postage label when you return it so that MFR gets credit. Please email with any questions.

Make Green Decisions
To help join in our environmental effort to reduce global warming, you can do the following:

  • Change your light bulbs to energy efficient options (Energy Star light bulbs are a great option!)
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room
  • Use public transportation, walk or bike more frequently
  • Use recycled paper
  • Try not to print as much and/or reuse scratch paper (for school, work etc)

Check regularly for more tips – email us if you have any good ones we haven’t thought of yet.

Thank you for making a difference  

Music For Relief is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded by the members of Linkin Park to provide relief to victims of natural disasters with an ongoing campaign to reduce global warming in order to help prevent or decrease the strength of future natural disasters.


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