NAP (Not Alone Project) is a major project of Linkin Park fans in East Java (Linkin Park Street Team and Linkin Park Street Soldier) who adopted the goal of MFR (Music For Relief) spearheaded by Linkin Park. Beginning of the formation of NAP actually want to throw the paradigm of a fanbase that people will just simply hold gatherings and ngebahas something "monotonous", but could do something valuable to the general public even though it's not as big as what is done Linkin Park Music for Relief. This project targets the children of mental retardation / neglected not only in terms of material needs alone but more priority to the social aspect, providing moral support, and interaction will concern those who do not fully get in their lives. with the existence of this project we (LPST / LPSS East Java) Linkin Park fanbase invite all to participate in social activities or just contribute in a material form or through social movements. they need us in their midst so that they feel are NOT OWN. and remained on its primary purpose providing care to others.



We LPST East Java joined the regional every held a fundraiser with:


1.Turut as well as a donation, every individual a minimum of 10,000 rupiahs or more and without coercion.


2.the sales of merchandise (such as Clothes, Pins, Stickers) could be set aside in the NAP file.


3.donation can be either basic needs or the needs of other clothing.


4.Metode payment: for member regional eastern Java, each Gathering / Lounge can be paid through the treasurer every LPST Regional representatives. and for regional members outside the eastern Java can send donations to the no. account specified organizers (name2 committee is in contact person).


5.we liberate all regional LPST to determine the form of donations / amount of donations. Another example, or want to make a move "a thousand bottles" that may later bottles will be sold again as a result of donations. we liberate.


6.kami hope for the member who has given donations to participate in social events that we held.


7.acara peak for this project will be implemented by the end of bertempatkan in Surabaya (time, place and date will follow later on)



8.koordinator regional LPST Java / Jabar, was asked to list names that are still active members / contributed (in priority who seriously want to follow this project)


10.Proyek has been running this month January 2012 and will simultaneously run on each respective Regional (East Java) and will expire beginning in 2013.



For Friends of Indonesia Linkin Park Underground, Linkin Park Street Team Indonesia, Linkin Park Street Soldier, and the donors who come from other areas who wish to donate or donate good about providing the items / materials can contact our committee:

- +6285654150326 (Cristopher)

-">+6285649437050 (Elika)

-">+6283830066340 (Oshin)

and can also contact the admin masing2 regional group who mengsupport this project.



coordinator for the regions of West Java">- +6285781767010 (Aanaz Lq) FB">-">+6289653550838 (Rivi) FB.http: / / / ryouza">-">+6285719105177 (Icha) FB">-">+62857221121319 (Initial Yuda) FB">-">+628989441597 (Yatz F) FB


PERMATA BANK: BANK CODE (013) 1216321525 Mizan Annas Firdausi


note: to anticipate the existence of fraud, we hope to be cautious and careful before donating. make sure that you are contributing to the coordinator who benar2 tlah determined by the committee.


your help is something that is valuable to them. This project is not a prestige project for the event or find advantages / own fortune. we hope there is cooperation between communities of Linkin Park is in Indonesia to help campaign for this project to the general public.




Supported by official fanbase:





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