The acclaimed School of Rock program is bringing together its young, talented musicians to perform in the nationwide LIVE AID REMADE Summer 2010 tour. $10 from every ticket will be donated to Music for Relief's efforts in Haiti. Tickets are up for many shows, including a new show in Houston!

The musicians playing in the LIVE AID REMADE concert will be paying tribute to the historic LIVE AID concert held on July 13, 1985 across numerous cities and venues in the US. Then, some of the biggest musicians of the time--Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, to name a few--graced the stage that day. At the LIVE AID REMADE concert, School of Rock's group of All Stars will be playing songs by those same musicians. These youngsters are the cream of the crop from School of Rock's 58 locations across the US. The All Stars play in dozens of concerts a year, oftentimes alongside musical legends like Alice Cooper and Les Paul.

The tour schedule is as follows:

7/8 – Portland, OR
7/9 – Cascade Locks, OR
7/10 – Seattle, WA
7/11 – Seattle, WA
7/14 – Eagle, ID
7/15 – Houston, TX
7/15 – Salt Lake City, UT
7/16 – Oklahoma City, OK
7/16 – Denver, CO
7/17 – Memphis, TN
7/17 – Boulder, CO
7/18 – Covington, KY
7/19 – Cleveland, OH
7/20 – Detroit, MI
7/21 – Chicago, IL
7/21 – Las Vegas, NV
7/22 – St. Paul, MN
7/22 – San Francisco, CA
7/23 – Kansas City, KS
7/24 – Frisco, TX
7/24 – Reno, NV
7/25 – Austin, TX
7/26 – Fresno, CA
7/27 – Los Angeles, CA
7/28 – Phoenix, AZ
7/29 – Carlsbad, CA
7/30 – Miami, FL
7//30 - Pomona, CA
7/31 – Corona, CA
7/31 – Orlando, FL
8/1 – San Diego, CA
8/2 – Atlanta, GA
8/3 – Raleigh, NC
8/4 – Baltimore, MD
8/5 – Norwalk, CT
8/6 – Delray Beach, FL
8/6 – Arlington, MA
8/7 – Amityville, NY
8/7 – Jacksonville, FL
8/8 – Charlotte, NC
8/10 – Norfolk / VA Beach, VA
8/11 – Richmond, VA
8/12 – Springfield, VA (DC)
8/12 - Vienna, VA
8/14 – Philadelphia, PA
8/15 – Jersey Shore
8/19 – New York, NY

About School of Rock:

School of Rock is the national leader in music education for kids. Our mission is to inspire kids to rock on stage and in life. Our proprietary performance-based curriculum teaches kids to play rock music in a unique and interactive way, which is changing the way kids learn to play music across America. Professional musicians teach students of all levels, developing both their music skills and confidence. School of Rock operates 58 schools in 23 states and has developed an aggressive growth strategy seeking franchise partners throughout the United States. For more information about School of Rock, please visit

Donate Now:
Text SOR to 85944 to make a $10 donation to Music for Relief for Haiti Earthquake Relief via School of Rock

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